USB Technical Details


Cable Details - 

  • We use 4 core 24AWG cables for USB cables. (Diameter after paracord and techflex is 5 to 6mm)
  • The maximum length we have capped at 3 to 3.5 Meters because attenuation occurs in all cables (loss over distance)
  • It is normal to have a deviation of 1-2cm in length cables.

Coil Details - 

  • The reverse coil method is used to create all coils.
    These coils are handcrafted and should be handled with care and according to the instructions supplied.
  • We have clients that are a year old and have coils that are still in wonderful shape, as well as clients who are a few months old and have coils that have gone bad due to mistreatment. We make the best coils we can, but it's up to our customers to keep them in good working order.
  • We provide a coil warranty/guarantee on the assumption that clients will not abuse them. From our perspective, stretching coil is a BIG no-no.
  • Coils have a 2CM outer diameter, and length of coils are expected to vary by 1-2cm.
  • Here are some reasons to why your RGB effects are dimmer because of your bespoke wires.

Drop Alt/Ctrl -

  • Drop Alt and Ctrl are keyboards that require a lot of power from USB cords, so why is the initial cable just about 7 feet long?
    The keyboard itself has RGB lighting for each key as well as additional under-glows. It is by far the most RGB in a keyboard that uses so much power from the USB connection.
    The reason for utilising a short-length cable is that longer cables require more power to travel further, resulting in power loss during transmission owing to distance.

Few Solutions -

  • Preffered length is 15 coil / 1 meter straight cable.
  • Purchasing a Powered USB HUB (USB hub with power outlet)
  • Configure the USB Port in your Motherboard's BIOS to give additional power.