We strive for transparency and honesty in all of our customer relationships, and we seek to provide that through our FAQ section. We know how often questions can come up in this industry, and we’re ready to answer all of them. If there’s something we missed please reach out and one of our team members will be happy to help. *** NOTE - TECHNICAL DETAILS & FAQs ARE A PART OF TERMS & CONDITIONS. KINDLY REFER TO TERMS & CONDITIONS.

You Asked, We Answered


General lead time is set to 2 weeks maximum but that can change as per availability and customization of your cable.

  • GX16 - From 7 to 14 days for chrome & *colored 
  • Mini XLR - *From 7 to 14 days 
  • Weipu (SA12/SF12/SF6-B) - *From 7 to 14 days 
  • Lemo Connector - From 7 to 14 days for chrome & *colored 
  • Paracords - *From 7 to 14 days 
  • TechFlex- *From 7 to 14 days 
  • TRRS - From 7 to 14 days for chrome & *colored

​(*If the specific color is not in stock then delivery time can increase to 1 to 2 months on a preorder basis or the order will be canceled and refunded)


We are a three-person team working hard to deliver the highest-quality customizable cable goods to India. We work in small quantities to ensure the finest possible quality cables, the reason for the longer lead time. Because of our materials, talents, time, and thorough quality control, our costs are higher than typical.

We work hard to bring more customizable premium options for you and that is not cheap at all. The type and color of detachable connectors, as well as split tones in the coil, have a significant impact on price.


We test each cable with a Drop ALT Keyboard, the most powerful RGB keyboard on the market, and none of them failed to power the board. However, your results may vary depending on factors such as the power output of your motherboard's USB ports and other factors we can't control.

Different cable manufacturers employ various wire orders. Do not mix and match a Kable Makers coil or host cable with the work of another maker. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur.


Because we don't have any Macintosh products, we can't diagnose or test them. As a result, no returns will be accepted for a cable that works on a PC but not on a Mac.

All cables are designed to work with PC hardware (Windows), and Apple/Mac compatibility has not been verified.

In the vast majority of cases, our cables are compatible with Apple gear.



Our products are not mass produced and are not toys, and they should be handled with care. Pulling too hard, bending too much, holding vertically at one end, or doing anything else that goes against basic sense are all bad ideas. Any connectors should not be undone. Any wires that exhibit signs of abuse will not be replaced at any cost. Damaged cables may still be repairable.


Physical flaws will be acknowledged for 7 days after delivery. Within that timeframe, you must report the fault, and proof will be asked. We will endeavor to put things right in the event of a cable that is dead on arrival, shipment damage, postal loss, or theft. Unless the damage was caused directly by the user, you will receive a prepaid mailing label if a return is required. Please return the cable in its original packaging and the same condition as when you received it. If the item is returned, a repair will be started - alternatively, if applicable, a refund (less original shipping/fees) will be provided promptly.

Because most cables are custom-made to your specifications, repairs will always take precedence over refunds or returns.


Product images are for illustrative purposes only.

It is important to note that all sleeving colors listed on the website may be subject to slight variations in color. We buy from reputable suppliers and will make every effort to display good quality images of our product range however the hue of the color may be slightly different in some instances. Kable Makers are not responsible for the variations in color/shading.