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Important Notice -

The website will be under maintenance till the 1st of December. We will be updating our website with all new prices and products. This won't affect order processing and we will be available on Whatsapp for help 24x7 on 9004886416. 

Offline orders are still open. Price will be same as before until website is live again.

From December 1st, 2021, all Custom USB cables and PC cables prices will be increased as per the product. 


Firstly let’s go through all the good stuff that comes with a price hike -


  • All orders will have a strict 2 weeks processing time with no further delays until notified beforehand.

  • All USB connectors will be provided with Chrome plated OR Gold Plated option with connector caps included for both.

  • If a specific color is out of stock, we will be taking orders on a preorder basis and getting it back in stock within a month or two.

  • All PC cables will have a 1-year warranty.

  • All USB cables will have a 2 years manufacturing warranty. In which Coil USB cable will have a 9-month warranty for the coil strength.

  • All orders will be dispatched using only Bluedart, FedEx, or DTDC. If none are available for your Pincode, we will contact you beforehand for choosing a courier service.

  • For cutting the line and to process your order quickly, you will have an option available for that as well which will be of extra charges of 250 INR.

  • RMA lead time will be capped at 1-week max. Transit time is not included. Further delays will be notified beforehand according to the availability of stock.

  • During the RMA process, if your order is not repairable, we will get it replaced.

  • All return shipments for RMA will be initiated by us and will be picked up from your doorstep. So you don't have to worry about return shipments.

  • We will be starting to run a group buys (GB) before that hopefully. We hope to provide more vivid types of cables and aviator connector colors through GB.


Reasons for price hike -


  • This price increase is due to a hike in global shipping and raw materials costs. Our focus is on quality rather than quantity / cheap material and quality material isn’t cheap :P

  • Day to day consumer goods and services price has increased a lot after covid with the high inflation rate, it’s not economical to function with such low price point for our products.

Prices will be as follows from December 1st, 2021 -


Detachable Coil USB -

                                                    (Current Price / 1st Dec Price)

  • 10cm coil / 1mtr cable -     (2700 INR / 3200 INR)

  • 10cm coil / 1.5mtr cable -  (2900 INR / 3500 INR)

  • 15cm coil / 1mtr cable -     (3000 INR / 3700 INR)

  • 15cm coil / 1.5mtr cable -  (3300 INR / 4000 INR)

  • 20cm coil / 1mtr cable -     (3400 INR / 4300 INR)


Detachable Coil Only - 


  • 10cm -  (1700 INR / 2000 INR)

  • 15cm -  (1900 INR / 2500 INR)

  • 20cm -  (2100 INR / 3000 INR)


Detachable Straight Cable Only -


  • 1 Meter -    (1000 INR / 1300 INR)

  • 1.5 Meter - (1200 INR / 1500 INR)


Detachable USB Cable -


  • 1 Meter -    (1450 INR / 1600 INR)

  • 1.5 Meter - (1700 INR / 1900 INR)

  • 2 Meter -    (1950 INR / 2200INR)

  • 2.5 Meter - (2200 INR / 2500 INR)

  • 3 Meter -    (2450 INR / 2800 INR)


*Notice to all our existing clients* - if you are facing any issues with the cables, we request you to contact us through WhatsApp on 9004886416. We will get it resolved on a priority basis.


Best wishes 

Arbaz Khan

Kable Makers