We get a lot of questions, so maybe this page will be able to address some of them!
It's a work in progress, and we'll be adding to it as new questions come in.
Send us an email at kablemakers@gmail.com if you have any queries that aren't answered in the list.

We also recognize that email responses sometimes be sluggish. Texting +91-900-4886-416 on WhatsApp is a good option.

[GB] and [Pre-Order] are two terms that are used interchangeably.

The pre-production phase of a product, such as USB cables, is known as Group Buys or [GB].
Consider it akin to Kickstarter-style financing. During a defined period, money is raised for the product (most of the time a month-long).
It makes it logical to distribute the expense over as many people as feasible at this point to achieve a desirable price point.
Because of supply and demand, the price published on Kable Makers during a [GB] is usually the best deal. Take it as a thank you for your early support!

So, what's the difference between a [Pre-Order] and a [Pre-Purchase]?

We'll go into [Pre-Order] after the [GB] stage is over. Production has started after the order was submitted.
Like other vendors, Kable Makers places excess orders. Missing out on a group buy is a terrible feeling.

We list our extras as [Pre-Order] during this stage, allowing you to obtain a set at a discount. This means you won't have to compete for extras once they're ready to ship, and you'll pay less than the regular price.
We also order in bulk and skip the GB stage on occasion. These items are less expensive and have a [Pre-order] label attached to them.
They're in stock once all of the things arrive. It's no longer a [Pre-Order], and it's ready to ship. Within 1-3 business days, in most cases.

Is there a policy in place for group buys?

The GB Policy is listed on every page. We've also included it in this section:

Group Buy Policy

When this item is ready to ship, any additional products added with it will be dispatched as well.
This item does not have an estimated shipment date at this time; however, this page will be updated once a manufacturing and shipping date has been set.
Things can and do go wrong, causing this date to alter.
You have the option to cancel and receive a refund for your preorder, but any preorder benefits will be forfeited.
By purchasing this item, you indicate that you have read and understood the information provided above.

We appreciate your staying to finish the purchase because it will aid us in ordering.

Is it ready to ship now that the projected delivery date has gone, yet the item is still labeled as [GB] or [Pre-Order]?
When the item arrives and is ready to ship, we remove the [Pre-Order] and [GB] tags. If these labels are still on them, the item is still in production and is likely to be delayed.

Are there any extras?
Yes, as stated above in the [Pre-Order] section.
If things go wrong, we have a tiny reserve. Once GB and Pre-Order items have been shipped, these will be mentioned.

How can I add items to my purchase or bundle them?/Can I amend my order?

Only in-stock items can be combined with other in-stock items when placing an order.

To make changes to your order, send a WhatsApp message to +91-900-4886-416 and submit a support ticket. You can also send us an email at kablemakers@gmail.com.


PLEASE NOTE: Before checking out, double-check that your order is right. While our customer service representatives will try their utmost to address your concerns, we cannot promise that your request will be addressed before your product is sent. Because fulfillment and support work on distinct schedules, we are unable to make changes to orders that have already been shipped.

What city are you in?
Kable Makers is happy to be an Indian company! We're based in Mumbai, India, and while we don't have a store, we try to help the mechanical keyboard community develop in any way we can.

Do you offer worldwide shipping?
We do. DHL is in charge of our worldwide shipping. For international shipping, please contact us.


We reserve the right to cancel Group Buy and Pre-Orders
Obviously would prefer to work with you to ensure a smooth and effortless group buy experience.

Failure to meet minimum order quantities
For fulfilment, Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) may apply to pre-orders and group purchases. If the total quantity across all orders falls short of the specified MOQs, Kable Makers reserves the right to cancel pre-orders and issue full refunds to all clients within 10 (ten) business days.